When was the last time you hosted an event with other business owners? In today’s digital world we are all guilty of hiding behind technology. Like personal relationships, business relationships are just as meaningful. You need to be providing value, making personal connections and relationships with other business owners and potential clients.

Social media should not be replacing one-on-one meetings or networking events, but it should be utilized to promote them! If you haven’t hosted an event and used social media to increase participation effectively, you are missing out. The good news is, there is still time to leverage it.

Step 1: Choose an event
Is your goal to network with other business owners, have an open house for customers to see your product/service, can you host an event and provide education to a group of prospective clients? Will this be a free event or a minimal registration fee? Will this be held in person or via online video conferencing? There are a few things to decide here, but this is the first step.

Step 2: Set a date
You need to plan for time to promote the event, peak interest, and get registrations. Our recommendation is at least a month in advance depending on the event. Also, these functions shouldn’t be elaborate venues and should have a limited quantity of people allowed to register/attend to create urgency, scarcity, and of course allow these to be easy and productive events.

Step 3: Promote
You should be creating a professionally branded flyer with details of the event along with a Facebook event. Even if the event is free, you will want to have a way for guests to register so you can gather their email addresses for future use and also to limit the number of people attending. If you are charging for an event, this registration setup will ensure a commitment and pre-payment to guarantee attendance. You should then post consistent content on social media leading up to the day of your event. We would also recommend sharing that content on your business page, personal page of employees Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Lastly, you will want to run an ad to your demographic and geographical radius to ensure a reach outside of your current audience and expose yourself to a new group of people to educate and network with.

For more guidance on planning and promoting a networking event, you may request a call to discuss our event marketing options by clicking here.

Talk soon!
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