The magic happens in
the system.

The BiQi system addresses the most crucial moments in the consumer buying journey, from the moments they
first become aware of your company, to the moment they walk out your front doors.

BiQi’s 4 step system will help you build a secure foundation to reliably bring new and repeat business for years to come!

  1. Clarify your brand message
  2. Increase visibility and improve online reputation
  3. Set up digital infrastructure for successful conversion, measurement and optimization
  4. Build relationships and nurture new friends into happy, repeat customers
Step 1

Brand Communications

Is your brand suffering the cost of confusion? Communicate Powerfully to Inspire Purchasing Decisions from Your Ideal Consumer.

Effective Brand Communications have proven to increase leads by 6x or more!

This is How We Do It 🎵

1. Craft Your Brand Script: Develop a Brand Message that tells your consumer that you have the solution to their problems.
2. Design Your Psycho-Social Consumer Profiles: Develop a deep understanding of who your consumer is to create communications, content and experiences that resonate deeply.
3. Create Your Brand Guide: Develop a unique look that captures your consumer’s attention and shares your style, culture and values visually.

Step 2

Fame & Fortune – Mastering Local Search

Would the masses love you… if only they knew you existed? Connect with Consumers in Critical Purchasing Moments.

Increase Leads 8x or more with Top Ranking Digital Placement.

This is How We Do It 🎵

1. Top Ranking Digital Placement: Put your business in front of consumers in the exact moments they’re looking for you in local search.
2. Drive Leads: Increase phone calls, driving directions and web leads.
3. Enhance Consumer Experience: Receive instant feedback on your guests’ experience.
4. Build Social Proof: Consistently generate positive online reviews.
5. On-Demand Customer Service: BiQi quickly discovers dissatisfied guests and redirects them to your customer service team before they leave a negative online review.

Step 3


Convert with Ease with Digital Infrastructure and Sales Tools.

Increase Online Conversions 200% or more!

This is How We Do It 🎵

1. Set Up: Build infrastructure that converts online traffic into leads with digital business listings, social pages, online tools, websites & landing pages.
2. Automation: Leverage digital tools that keep in consistent communication with your consumers and take them from a new friend to a happy customer.
3. Optimization: Consistently improve the performance of your digital infrastructure with ongoing data analysis and optimization – convert more leads for less.

Step 4


Build Meaningful Relationships & Experiences that Support your Brand.

Increase Brand Awareness, Digital Leads and Online Conversions Consistently Over Time

This is How We Do It 🎵

1. Search Engine Marketing: Put your business in front of consumers who are actively looking for your product or service
2. Social Media Marketing: Build brand awareness and long-term relationships with your community.
3. Content Marketing: Develop entertaining, educational and valuable content that engages your audience.
4. Email Marketing: Stay in consistent communication, build relationships and drive conversions.