As stated in my last blog, we were traveling for business earlier this month. We are all health conscious individuals so finding places to eat in an unfamiliar area can be quite challenging. In looking for a place to eat in Grand Rapids, we came across a place called Freshii that was about 15 minutes from our event and let me tell you, it was worth the drive! From the moment we walked in, we had an amazing first impression. The restaurant was clean, the lighting was bright, and the staff was friendly. They had many healthy options ranging from fresh juice to salads, grain bowls, soups, burritos and more! We all chose bowls, but each had our own twist. They allowed me to customize mine as I did not want the fiery BBQ, so I replaced it wit...

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In this digital world, user-generated content can make or break a business. Earlier this month, we took a business road trip to Grand Rapids, MI from Rochester, NY. It is around a 9-hour drive, so stopping for food is not out of the question. We found ourselves hungry around Toledo, OH. Looking for something quick at a random "checkpoint," we used our handy dandy Google search to tell us where to go. Now, needless to say, the example I am about to use was not even an option, as we were looking for more health-conscious food, but it shows a rather graphic image that, in my opinion, shows the real power of user-generated content.

After looking at this photo, are you stopping there to eat? Probably not.

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When was the last time you hosted an event with other business owners? In today's digital world we are all guilty of hiding behind technology. Like personal relationships, business relationships are just as meaningful. You need to be providing value, making personal connections and relationships with other business owners and potential clients.

Social media should not be replacing one-on-one meetings or networking events, but it should be utilized to promote them! If you haven't hosted an event and used social media to increase participation effectively, you are missing out. The good news is, there is still time to leverage it.

Step 1: Choose an eventIs your goal to network with other business owners, have an open house for customers to se...

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If you are in the B2B world and using or looking to use LinkedIn for social selling, you might want to revisit your LinkedIn profile. Most of us built our profile years ago and haven't touched it since which could be hindering the success of your networking opportunities on LinkedIn. Here are four things you should seriously consider to ensure you are leveraging your LinkedIn profile to its full capacity:

Profile Presentation: Just like any social media profile this is the first impression of your viewers. Given the professional setting of LinkedIn, you may want to think of this as your outfit that you'd wear to a networking event. You wouldn't just get ready in the dark and hope for the best so why are you letting your LinkedIn profile r...

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“Do I need to put money into social media?”. The answer is absolutely yes! Over the last few years, Facebook especially has changed their algorithm so now to reach an audience outside of just a few of those that have already liked your page you must invest into your Facebook page.

The best way to explain why Facebook has done this is because we all wouldn’t use Facebook if we saw everything and anything from everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but some of them are posting the most ridiculous stuff 2398 times per day. Facebook knows that, so they only show a portion of your following your posts and uses its algorithm based on what you interact with (clicks, likes, comment, shares, etc.) to customize your...

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So, we’ve talked about identifying your audience and creating content but then what? Then we have to engage with our audience! This is probably the most overlooked hurdle when it comes to social media marketing and managing your pages.

Let’s face it, life gets in the way, and business gets crazy. We have staffing issues, busy seasons, and so many other things that can jump in the way and social media gets put on the back burner. But the thing is, you need to be consistent, and you need to be engaging in the conversations your customers are having on your page. So what exactly does that entail?

1 - Respond promptly. We all have social media glued to our hands nowadays with instant, real time, updates straight to our phone. It&rs...

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Are there rules to developing content for social media? We think so! Please use this *schnazzy* guide to produce content for your social media pages!

The 4 E's: Opportunities for content are unlimited. You can use photos, boomerangs, videos, memes, blogs, and more! No matter what you use, you should mix it up both with the type of content but also with the four E's below:

Emotional - Your content should be emotional. There are many emotions you can tap into depending on your product or service. Can you provide a sense of calm or relief of anxiety? Sometimes the most significant decision making factor for consumers is fear of loss or fear of missing out (FOMO). Your content can also excite your audience. Don't be afraid to tap into the ext...

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In my last post, "Identifying Your Audience," we discussed the importance behind understanding and knowing your audience before you build a social strategy for your business.

Once you have gone through the steps and have identified who your ideal customer is, you can then choose the social media platform(s) where your target market it.

So let's break it down.

Facebook: Facebook users are primarily those ages 25-34. The demographics are indeed growing though for those ages 40+ as you will find a lot of parents and grandparents scrolling through Facebook nowadays. The split between female users and male users is very close to a 50/50 split with about 53% female and 47% male. One thing to consider as we get more into engagement with your audi...

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When it comes to building your social strategy, identifying your audience should be the first thing you do - before you even choose what medium (i.e., Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram) you are going to use to share your content. If you are already deep into the social media world, have no fear and keep reading, we've got advice for you, too!

First, think of who you want to be targeting. This person, the decision maker, are they more often male or female? Under 30 or over 30? Are they between the ages of 40-65? What are their interests? Their profession? Income level?

Now, keep in mind, this person doesn't necessarily have to be who is coming through your doors right now or who is on the other end of the phone. Have you ever thought that maybe...

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Facebook users will often “like” a Facebook business page to show support for a brand and receive their content. 👍 By having a great page that provides value to your potential customers through great content, you build brand awareness and a loyal community of brand advocates and social champions. 🤝🏼 The fact is, people like to do business with businesses they like. Facebook is a social network. Leverage it to build relationships with your community of potential customers. Here are some strategies to build a loyal community for your Facebook business page.

Get a Business Page, Not a Personal PageMany business owners will create a personal page for their business, but this isn’t the best strategy. Unlike a personal pag...

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