Video Content Is Eating Social Media Marketing Alive 🍴

Video content will soon become table stakes for any small business social media strategy worth it’s salt. In 2018, businesses should focus on developing a way to keep up with people’s insatiable appetite for digital video πŸ“Ή . Otherwise, they could watch their engagement levels drop as video content becomes the norm. πŸ“‰

Leave your competitors in the dust πŸ’¨ ! To see why video marketing for small businesses is so important, take a look at some of the mind-blowing stats below. ⬇️


Video Has Taken Over Our Lives, And We Blame Social Media

It’s overwhelming how much video has crept into the average person’s day. They may not feel it directly since, hey, most of us have been watching movies and TV our whole lives πŸ‘€. And when the internet became more capable to handle streaming video, we were there watching YouTube videos way back in 2006… right?

Well, not really. Not like we are now. Thanks to smartphones, better internet connections, and a huge proliferation of content created, we watch far more online video than we ever did before. On average, the typical person spends just under six hours a day on digital devices, and an hour and 17 minutes of that (22%) goes to watching digital video.

How did this happen? “Social media” is the easiest answer, especially when you count YouTube as a social platform (it is). But other platforms have quickly challenged YouTube’s dominance. Over 8 billion videos — or 100 million hours’ worth of content — are watched by Facebook users every single day. 10 billion video clips are watched on Snapchat dailyπŸ“Έ, and 82% of Twitter’s 🐦319 million monthly users also say they watch video.

Social views are causing overall video growth to skyrocket πŸš€, and it’s shaping the way people consume content online overall.

“Why Doesn’t This Page Have Any Videos?”

At this point, people don’t just like to watch videos, they expect it. When we get a break, we often use it to turn to our smartphones and enjoy a video while eating or doing ...whatever we happen to be doing at the time.🀷

Video is passively entertaining in ways that other formats that require scrolling, fidgeting and reading aren’t. And while majority of people’s time online is spent doing those other things, when we want to relax and be entertained, we turn to the increasing quality and quantity of video content available.

That means that marketers need to play the ‘video’ game to get noticed. Video content earns 10 times the level of views, engagement and shares compared to images, text or a combination of the two. In fact, video earns 1200% more shares than text and image content put together!😲

These views, shares and engagement actions all help add fuel to your marketing funnel and translate to actual monetary returns. πŸ’°

Those using video marketing for small businesses report earning a 66% higher level of qualified leads, and their companies achieve a 54% lift in brand awareness. 83% of marketers report that video offers them great ROI, and 81% report an increase in overall sales after implementing video marketing. πŸ‘

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