Facebook users will often “like” a Facebook business page to show support for a brand and receive their content. 👍 By having a great page that provides value to your potential customers through great content, you build brand awareness and a loyal community of brand advocates and social champions. 🤝🏼 The fact is, people like to do business with businesses they like. Facebook is a social network. Leverage it to build relationships with your community of potential customers. Here are some strategies to build a loyal community for your Facebook business page.

Get a Business Page, Not a Personal Page
Many business owners will create a personal page for their business, but this isn’t the best strategy. Unlike a personal page, Facebook business pages give you special insights and capabilities that aren’t available with a personal page. You can use this information to learn how your page is performing, what content is getting the most engagement, and target your ideal audience, as well as creating ads and events that you couldn’t otherwise.

Business pages also have sections to include all information about your business or your products, rather than just your birthday and favorite quotes. 🎂

If you already have a poppin’ personal page for your business and fear losing your following when you switch, never fear, you can make the personal page an admin and invite it’s whole friend list. Your loyal followers will gladly follow a new page and it is better to have a smaller group of hard core enthusiasts than a larger group that are less engaged.=

Know Your Audience
Knowing your audience and what they want or need is an important part of marketing overall, but it’s vital to building a loyal community on Facebook. This will give you direction for your target content and help you develop a strategy to attract prospects.

Provide Valuable Content
There are thousands of brands on Facebook churning out content every day, so in order to stand out, you need to deliver something your followers may not find elsewhere. As with anything else, focus on quality over quantity, and strive to learn more about what your customers’ problems are to provide value to them.

The Facebook algorithm plays a role as well since it will only show content that users want to see. This changes often, so pay attention to the updates and tailor your content to get the most reach.

Focus on User Experience, Not Sales
We want to say that again. Focus on user experience, not sales! You can absolutely sell your products on Facebook, but to do that well, you must first get people interested in your brand. Facebook users are looking for entertainment, inspiration, and information, which ultimately dictates what they choose to follow and what the Facebook algorithm will serve to them. ✔️

Think of Facebook as a valuable platform to build your brand and direct prospective customers to your product, rather than a space to push your products.

Test Your Content
Many businesses will try to guess at what their customers find valuable. You may get lucky on occasion by guessing what your audience is looking for, but this isn’t an effective long term content strategy.
You need to test different approaches regularly to see what is working and what isn’t. Try videos, surveys, different photos, different content, different call-to-action phrases to see what gains traction over time. Compare your results to see which strategy works for your particular audience and keep adjusting your strategy.

Don’t guess at what is valuable to your customers, listen to them. 👂

Engage Your Followers
You’re trying to build a community on Facebook, not just set up another store. Interact with your followers, respond to their comments, answer their questions, and address their complaints. This not only builds a relationship with your followers, but it helps you turn negative feedback into a positive message for others who visit your page. 💞

Social media image can make or break you, so take the time to present your business in an approachable and positive way.

Want Help Building Your Facebook Business Page?
Start building your communities of enthusiastic engagers with content that provides entertainment and value. If you’d like help improving your Facebook marketing strategy or create some killer social content, contact BiQi Marketing to see what we can do for your business!

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