Whenever I ask to do a consultation with a business owner, I wince, knowing that they are always in meetings. I get it. One more meeting on your heap of meetings is not necessarily what you want to be doing with your time, which is why I wanted to share this story.

Part of what we do is strategic marketing, part of what we do is business development. Our skill is breaking businesses down into pieces and rearranging them in a way that increases profitability and efficiency. In every business that gave us the opportunity, we have been able to identify untapped sources of revenue and pair them with a marketing strategy to drive revenue.

That’s why the consultation is so important and is truly what separates us from other marketing agencies.

We met with a local business a week ago for an hour consultation. They are very busy (much like you) but in the consultation, we were able to identify an opportunity to generate revenue with a creative idea. We paired this creative idea with a marketing strategy implemented on Facebook and were able to increase sales over 300% – in less than 6 days. The return on ad spend was over 800%.

Now, we can’t guarantee that everyone we will work with will experience this level of success so quickly but we can guarantee that working with a team of consultants + marketers will greatly improve your return on investment. Anyone can launch a marketing campaign but it’s the strategy behind it that will determine whether or not that campaign makes cents – or dollars. (Pun intended)

Contact us today and start getting the return your business deserves!

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