Are there rules to developing content for social media? We think so! Please use this *schnazzy* guide to produce content for your social media pages!

The 4 E’s: Opportunities for content are unlimited. You can use photos, boomerangs, videos, memes, blogs, and more! No matter what you use, you should mix it up both with the type of content but also with the four E’s below:

Emotional – Your content should be emotional. There are many emotions you can tap into depending on your product or service. Can you provide a sense of calm or relief of anxiety? Sometimes the most significant decision making factor for consumers is fear of loss or fear of missing out (FOMO). Your content can also excite your audience. Don’t be afraid to tap into the extreme ends of emotions.

Engaging – Consumers see content all day long. To engage your customer, you need to grab their attention. Give your audience something they can participate in (polls, ask them to add a photo in the comments, videos, etc.). Offer a sneak-peak, make it unique, humorous content engages well, too. Think about what makes you stop your scroll when you are on social media!

Educational – People love to be educated but hate to be sold. If you strategically educate your consumer, they will eventually choose you because they trust you and remember you as the source of their knowledge. Throw out fun facts, links to a blog you wrote or educational article from a reputable source in your industry.

Entertaining – Our newsfeeds nowadays tend to be filled with negativity, complaints, fake news, you name it! DON’T BE THAT! Be fun, entertaining and humorous. Indeed, keep it appropriate but remember your customers are human too. You don’t need to keep everything business professional and stiff. Loosen up a bit and show your out-of-office side once in a while.

80/20 Rule: This one is pretty straight forward — 80 % of the 4 E’s and 20% (or less) promotional. As mentioned before, people hate to be sold. Don’t fill your entire newsfeed with promotions, deals, sales, etc. but they do come in handy for those on the fence of purchase or in the end stages of the buying cycle.

Get Personal: Viewers love to see the behind the scenes. Maybe it’s an on-the-job action photo, a progress photo or before and after comparisons. We love seeing celebrations too! Birthdays, anniversaries, babies being born, milestones, graduations, holidays in the office, share it all!

Remember your content should be YOU. Viewers should be able to see your content and understand your company values, be drawn to your page and have the desire to engage with your content. Most importantly, it should get them actively thinking about taking the next step of becoming a new or repeat customer!

Until next time, xoxo
VP of Marketing, BiQi Marketing

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