The number of social media followers you have at a given time does not always translate to cash in the till, but it can translate to better reach for your paid and unpaid postings.

If you feel like you’re sending out social media posts into a dark void, realize you are not alone. Plenty of brands are disappointed by their lack of followers and the minimal engagement they get. So, what are they doing wrong, and how do other brands get it right?

The following are a few research-backed strategies brands use that can get you more followers, fast.

Stop Talking About Yourself as Much

Chances are, if you’re a social media user, there are a few people you want to hear from a bit less often. If you took a second to analyze similarities between these people, you may realize something: they talk about themselves too much, and you don’t find it interesting.

But, your brand could be doing the exact same thing! Take a look at your posts and analyze them from a typical person’s perspective. Is there anything there related to your audience and their interests? If the best you can muster is: “We’ve offered them some ways to save money,” then you need to rethink your posting strategy.

According to research by Rutgers, 20% of social media users are informers while the rest are “me-formers.” Informers post interesting content, including news, viral shares and food-for-thought. Me-formers — you guessed it! — posted all about themselves.

When analyzing the difference between informers and me-formers, Rutgers found that those who shared informative content had more than twice as many followers, on average.

Ensure You Plug Your Social Media on Other Channels

One of the biggest culprits for not having very many followers is that people are not finding their way to your page. Businesses tend to overlook the fact that very few people will actively go out and like or follow their page. Instead, guide them there with clear links on your website, blog posts, emails and other channels. Also, use signage at your physical location to make the connection.

If you want an even quicker and dirtier way to increase your followers, offer a discount or create a special offer to those who follow your social media accounts.

Post Consistently, Not in “Bursts”

Followers want reliability from brands, influencers and thought leaders. The occasional surprise is welcome, but most followers prefer a routine where they can read a predictable volume of posts.

According to research from a Korean study of “unfollows,” the most-commonly cited reason that people unfollowed a Twitter account was because of “burst” posting — clusters of posts published in quick succession, usually followed by a slow posting period before another burst.

Over-posting can therefore lead to pain within your audience, but so can under-posting. Brands without consistent posts find it harder to get engagement,which makes their posts show up less often because of the social newsfeed algorithm.

So how often should you post? It depends. Brands with a limited number of followers get the best engagement when posting just once or twice a week, but your audience may be different. The best approach is to start with 2-3 posts a week, then modify with more or less and make note of the engagement shift. Also, notice the times of day when engagement is highest.

Through observation, you can come up with your own ideal routine without “bursting” your current and potential followers into oblivion.

Try Targeting People With Paid/Promoted Posts

Paying to have your post seen may feel like cheating, but the truth is that the organic algorithms on social media have begun showing branded pages much less often. If you never put money into your paid budget, your page can disappear off their newsfeed entirely.

Prevent this from happening, and engage new potential followers by promoting your posts to a custom, targeted audience. Filter by traits of your most loyal customers — such as age, region, interests, etc. — and you can guarantee that people likely to become followers will at the very least see your content. If they like what they see, they may even follow you, especially if you are offering them tempting promotions.

Gain More Social Media Followers by Partnering With an Experienced Digital Marketing Agency

If you need help conducting research, determining optimal posting settings, and growing your social following in general, realize that you are not alone. Thousands of business owners partner with a skilled social media marketing agency. We offer advice and audits through one-time consultations, or we can help manage your entire account for you while growing your social media follower entourage.

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