“Do I need to put money into social media?”. The answer is absolutely yes! Over the last few years, Facebook especially has changed their algorithm so now to reach an audience outside of just a few of those that have already liked your page you must invest into your Facebook page.

The best way to explain why Facebook has done this is because we all wouldn’t use Facebook if we saw everything and anything from everyone. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but some of them are posting the most ridiculous stuff 2398 times per day. Facebook knows that, so they only show a portion of your following your posts and uses its algorithm based on what you interact with (clicks, likes, comment, shares, etc.) to customize your newsfeed to you.

For example, have you ever noticed if you go “creep” on someone you haven’t talked to in 3 years that all of a sudden they are all over your newsfeed? That’s because how Facebook sees it is that you two must have run into each other and connected again. Because why else would you be “creeping” otherwise 😉

So long story short, to ensure your posts are being seen, you’ve got to invest! By investing in either a boost or an ad (which are not one-in-the-same), you can reach a guaranteed amount of people outside of those who already know who you are.

VP of Marketing at BiQi Marketing

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