If you are in the B2B world and using or looking to use LinkedIn for social selling, you might want to revisit your LinkedIn profile. Most of us built our profile years ago and haven’t touched it since which could be hindering the success of your networking opportunities on LinkedIn. Here are four things you should seriously consider to ensure you are leveraging your LinkedIn profile to its full capacity:

Profile Presentation: Just like any social media profile this is the first impression of your viewers. Given the professional setting of LinkedIn, you may want to think of this as your outfit that you’d wear to a networking event. You wouldn’t just get ready in the dark and hope for the best so why are you letting your LinkedIn profile reflect as such? With that being said, at the same time, you should maintain a “what you see is what you get” mentality. If you are adventurous, quirky, edgy, chic, etc. let that shine through. If your goal is to find long-term working relationships with LinkedIn you want to have an accurate representation of yourself and attract people who are like you. If you build your LinkedIn profile like you would your Tinder account, you aren’t setting yourself up for success. So really think about your profile picture, cover photo, and tagline. Your LinkedIn profile should be your own personal, professional billboard that is YOU!

Social Networking: Don’t just be a “social creeper.” Like, comment and share other professionals content. Engagement doesn’t need to be excessive. It should be genuine. Put yourself in front of people, build relationships and network. If you just “stalk” people’s pages that you wish you could know or would love to work with, you aren’t going to get anywhere with that potential connection. Get some dialog going and show people you exist on LinkedIn. Active participation is essential when it comes to leveraging LinkedIn for B2B relationships.

Content Promotion: Content is KING no matter what the platform but LinkedIn still gives you a robust organic reach, so you definitely want to take advantage of this. Content can consist of blogs, graphics, videos, and more. You want this to be meaningful, engaging and again a reflection of your business, beliefs and YOU. A key element is to engage back with people who have commented or shared your post. Be sure to comment back and thank them for sharing. Again, you want to be top of mind and build those relationships.

Social Sales Strategy: To see substantial growth and results on any social media platform you need to have a strategy. What is the end goal? Is it to generate website traffic, fill out a form, schedule a meeting or attend an event? Once you know your goals, you can then work backward to develop content to achieve your goal of having people who have never engaged with your business before have enough peaked interest to take action and explore a B2B relationship with you!

XOXO until next time,
VP of Marketing at BiQi Marketing

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