Marketing Campaigns

First you finalize you brand communications so you can easily tell people what you do and why it matters. Then, you set up digital infrastructure that will systematically guide interested people into making an easy purchase. NOW it is time to turn on the digital “We Are Open” sign.

BiQi works with you to find the strategy that will most effectively bring you new business. Every business has different needs – we build you a customized plan.

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Marketing Campaign Elements

Fame and Glory

Did you know that 44% of consumers will only patron a business with a 4 or 5 star rating? Did you also know, that if no one sees your business online, no one online will come to your business either?

Fame and Glory combines a service to drive calls, website views, and sales using your Google business listing with a service that Generates, maintains, and promotes positive online reviews.

This one service could boost your total sales by up to 33%

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Want to be at the top of Google?

SEM Puts you in front of consumers when they are actively looking for your services. What’s the best part about SEM? You only pay when people engage with your ads and the average ROI is 2:1!

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Want to be at the top of Google without running ads?

SEO makes your website easy to find when people search for anything that might be relevant to your business.

75% of consumers never go beyond page 1 in a Google Search so you want to make sure you rank highly when people are searching for the things that you do best!

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Today’s consumer doesn’t need to take any risks. They can learn everything about a business before stepping in the door. Smart businesses use social media to build relationships with their ideal clientele. Bring your amazing customer experience online and people will be excited to come use your services.

Aside from all these nice new relationships, with social you can eliminate marketing waste. Social has the highest capabilities for targeting your ideal client and the lowest cost of any marketing medium. $2.50 per 1000 people. Business on average see a 5:1 ROI. BAM!

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Sometimes people like what you do but aren’t to make a purchasing decision.
Send your fan base valuable content and keep them aware of specials and offers. Email Marketing is one of the best ways to nurture relationships with your potential clients. Most businesses see an ROI around 38:1!

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Content marketing offers three times the leads of traditional marketing, while costing around 62 percent less. In the information age, today’s consumer loves and expects great content.

  • Graphics – Visually communicate with your audience in a way that educates or provides entertainment.
  • Video – Marketers who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users.
  • Animations – Cost effective animated video storytelling.
  • Photography – Professional photography makes a world of difference.
  • eBooks – Compile expertise in a beautifully designed ebook that can be used time and time again
  • Blogs – Provide consistent value to your audience and build strong relationships by keeping people in the loop

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