In this digital world, user-generated content can make or break a business. Earlier this month, we took a business road trip to Grand Rapids, MI from Rochester, NY. It is around a 9-hour drive, so stopping for food is not out of the question. We found ourselves hungry around Toledo, OH. Looking for something quick at a random “checkpoint,” we used our handy dandy Google search to tell us where to go. Now, needless to say, the example I am about to use was not even an option, as we were looking for more health-conscious food, but it shows a rather graphic image that, in my opinion, shows the real power of user-generated content.

After looking at this photo, are you stopping there to eat? Probably not.

User reviews and photos have become #1 at engaging – or disengaging – new customers to your business. From a consumer standpoint, I LOVE user-generated content. I want to know what I’m going to get before I get it. Whether that be food, ice cream, walking into a nail salon, a diner or even a local park, I want to “experience” it before I get there.

As a business owner, this can also be terrifying, as a simple mistake can leave a damning blemish on your digital presence that will negatively impact your business in the future. So, I’ll end by asking you, what systems do you have in place to encourage positive user-generated content?

XOXO until next time,
VP of Marketing at BiQi Marketing

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